Inspired by the disparity between the idyllic Scandinavian landscape and the complex narratives and emotions of modern life, Peter Sandberg’s music is deeply intimate, soothing and cleansing.

Peter Sandberg is a Swedish neo-classical and electronic multi-instrumentalist/composer, who has established international reputation, creating music for television and commercials, as well as amassing over 500 million streams worldwide. His honesty speaks through his muted piano-based compositions, but also through his uplifting melodies and explorative electronica. Peter has built a diverse, rich and atmospheric catalogue, and as a result, a devoted global fanbase.

Signing to London-based ambient/post-classical label Phases Records in 2018, Peter released his debut album 'Motion' in March 2019. The record featured the single 'Deep' which featured in an emotional and climactic scene of Stranger Things Season 3. Peter scored commercials for major brands such as Volvo, Tesla and Vox, and rounded out the year with packed out shows in major cities such as Istanbul and London.In September 2020, Peter released his conceptual second LP 'Återvända' to widespread acclaim, featuring singles 'Rise' and collaborative track 'Pinetrees' with British electronic artist and vocalist Henry Green. That same year, Peter scored cutting-edge virtual reality animated short film 'Goodbye Mr Octopus', which was nominated for the 77th Venice Film Festival.

In September 2021 Peter released his third album, ‘Midnattssol’, his ode to summer and the Swedish land of the midnight sun. Supported by preceding singles ‘Wait’ and ‘Frihet’, the album was released on 01st October and features appearances from Aquilo, Jake Isaac, Siv Jakobsen and Tom Ashbrook.

In late 2022, Peter announced his Constellation series, his most musically ambitious work to date – alongside a Spring 2023 European live tour.